Please submit all details about your web-SITE: Give us your Organization’s name, Website link, the address to your location, and include the days and hours that your organization is available to Veterans and their Families for assistance.

Also, if you have an easy to read brochure that explains what your organization does and how it helps Veterans and their Families please attach it to this application.

Since this website is for local Veterans, your organization needs to be within San Joaquin County, California and directly related to local Veterans and Veteran’s Family’s needs/issues to be added to this website. If you are a National or State organization you can still participate, but you must have a “brick and mortar” presence in San Joaquin County. Also, please give us your recommendations on under which home page button your organization should be listed. Some organizations do many different things, so some can and will be listed under multiple buttons. Please list the button(s) and the reason why it should go under that button.

Very importantly, in our Mission Statement it states that NO organization or person will charge Veterans and their Families any costs or fees of any kind. If the organization or you cannot donate or volunteer 100% to give to Veterans or their Families what they need at no charge, then do not apply. If we find out you charged a Veteran or their Family in anyway then you will be forever deleted from this site.

Please fill out this form and attach your Flyer and email it to us:

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