Mission Statement

of VeteranHelp.net

Our mission is to supply an easy ONE STOP website that all Military Veterans, those that are serving in the Military Active Duty/Reserves, and National Guard can use anywhere and at any time to search for and find EVERYTHING that can help them and their Families.

Such needs as: Housing, education, medical, employment, mental health, furniture, legal help, child care, transportation, and everything else we can think of to help.

Many of us who are military veterans did not have a source to help and support us when we served in the military and even less help when we left the military.
That is why we have chosen to build and supply this website.

This website has no costs, fees or charges, it is 100% free. Our volunteers are not paid, they donate their time to help build, maintain and update this website.

Only those organizations who are willing to help Military Veterans, Military Active Duty/Reserves and National Guard Military with no costs, fees or charges of any kind will be included on this website.

We are concentrating on mostly having local veteran support organizations in the San Joaquin County area listed. Some national organizations and other organizations may be listed, but only if they are able to help locally.

Our website will not be the middleman, we are a search website linking veterans and military directly to the organizations that will help and support them.

By clicking their mouse on different button links on this website, eventually they will be linked to the correct website they are searching for and need.
This will help them connect with an organization that can help them with their specific needs.

Please help us to succeed in our Mission,

Michael L. Emerson
Founder and Chairman of VeteranHelp.net