We are not actively soliciting for donations and funds to pay for the setup, operation, maintenance and upkeep of this website.

Currently, this website is operated and maintained by mostly Veteran volunteers. Also, all actual costs are being paid for by these same volunteers since they believe in helping and supporting local Veterans and their Families.

But, we will not turn down any donations, we would sincerely welcome the financial support and help from the Community. We already volunteer/donate many hours of our time to setup, maintain and operate the VeteranHelp.net website. It would be nice if generous individuals and businesses donated to help pay for the monthly financial costs of the website.

Your donations are tax deductible as the local Veteran related organization supporting the site is a 501(c)3 charity.

Please donate what you can and write your check to:

Saluting Military Recruits

Please regular mail your check to:

Saluting Military Recruits
2850 Sea Bird Way
Stockton, California 95209-4271

If you donate, everyone involved with this website sends you our heart-felt thanks, along with the Veterans and their Families of San Joaquin County, California.